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Logging from CRM Plugins, custom workflow assemblies or any other project which interacts with CRM is something which is there in every CRM Project. After long hours of discussion we decide on to a particular logging mechanism and very often after the project goes live, we realize that the implemented one is not the optimal one. Ever had the wish of changing logging mechanism in CRM as and when required. This is exactly what the tool provides and much more. And all this through just configuration changes.

The tool provides the following functionalities

  1. Option to log in any of the below depending on the type of CRM installation.
    • File
    • Event Viewer
    • Database
    • CRM entity
  2. Ability to switch between any of the logging mechanisms at any point of time by changing the configuration
  3. Ability to enable/ disable logging for the entire application
  4. Granular level control to enable/ disable logging at each plugin step or custom workflow assembly types.
  5. Detailed documented library which multiple options for logging

All the above and much more.

Try out this tool to check how it fits your requirements.

Really liked the tool. Request for small donation at my paypal account This would really help to continue developing many such tools.

For any issues connect with at or you can report it at the codeplex site.


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